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All domain names listed for sale on are legally owned by our US based corporation. We do not list brokered or third party domains on this website. Our domain inventory changes daily and is updated every hour. We do offer brokerage services and broker the sale of many premium domain names. All domain names listed for sale are managed by our Domain Management Group, as contracted Icann accredited registrar resellers. We partner with several of the largest domain registrars in the world for backend domain registrar support. Our domain sales and support team is available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week in our US based data center. For contact information please visit our Support Center . offers discount domain registrations, domain management, dedicated and cloud hosting, email programs, website builder tools, ssl certificates, pay per click advertising and domain reseller programs. For discount domain registrations, hosting and more please visit our Domain Registration Portal.

Domain Sales Information

Tens of thousands of premium domain names, all owned by our company, are listed for sale on this website. Every domain name is listed with a “buy now price”. Our management team has appraised each domain name through our propriety systems and arrived at our professional - fair market value. These prices are updated weekly and change due to market conditions, traffic patterns and revenue streams. You are always free to contact our sales team regarding any pricing questions you may have. They will be pleased to further explain our value formulas for you.

Our companies are long term corporate partners with both and for payment processing of any domain name sales. We have processed thousands of domain sales transactions with these companies. We pride ourselves in having one of the finest reputations within our industry, built over the past 20 years in business. All transactions are 100% guaranteed and secure. Our company does not collect any payment information such as credit cards, bank information, etc. This is all handled by our partners at and for every transaction. You are free to choose which of these companies best fits your payment requirements and our Domains Department will set the transaction up with your choice.

We do offer payment programs, on some transactions. Our secure domain holding program allows the buyer to make scheduled payments, while the domain name is held in an escrow account. The domain name can be used by the buyer for a website and email, while making payments. Extra fees are charged for this service. Please contact our sales department for more information.

The domain name transfer process is streamlined and can happen within a few hours on most transactions. After our Domains Department receives payment verification from our partners, they will immediately transfer the domain name to a domain account with all of your contact information, at the domain names registrar of record. You would then receive all the login and management information via email. All transfers are only handled via email as it is a security requirement of our company, our payment partners and Icann.

Immediately upon transfer, all name servers and email accounts can be added or edited, or the domain name can be redirected to any website at no charge. In your new domain account, you can choose from many free services, premium services and hosting programs. You are free to transfer the domain name to the registrar of your choice, or you can leave it in the account and take advantage of our discount domain renewal and registration programs. Upon payment and domain transfer, our company would have no further rights to the domain name. All legal rights would reside with the new owner.

Domain Services

All domain registrations or purchases of any premium domain name includes the following domain services, plus much more at no extra charge: Separate management password for each name you register - You can set up a different password for each of your names or the same password for all.

Free URL forwarding - Point your names to any IP address or URL on the internet with two types of URL redirection so you can have your name go to any URL on the net the way you want. Options are 1- "URL Redirect" just redirects your URL to point your domain names. 2- "URL Frame(called URL Cloaking also) This option hides your real URL address from your sites' visitors. We also support the most popular DNS record types such as "A", "MX" and "CNAME" Free email forwarding for up to 50 permanent, personal e-mail addresses.

Name management via a web based account where you can easily and quickly manage all your domain names. Free transfer of ownership -  You do not need to pay anything to transfer your names ownership. This also helps to make quick domain name sales. Most transfers happen within a few hours.

Free insertion of your domain name into name servers where you can make up to 15 "hosts" (or third-level names under your name), such as "www", "mail", or "ftp" / If you do not wish to take advantage of our name server services, no problem, you can either use our name servers to park your name or use any other name servers with your name registration.

Automatic renewals - Protects your domain name to not to drop and become expired. So you do not have to worry about losing your name forever.(Your preference, you can change this setting On-Off anytime.)

Free domain lock-down - You can prevent and protect transfer of your name to other registrars.(You can change this setting On-Off anytime.)


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